Handicapping Information

Whether you are new to the sport or a racing enthusiast, everyone is interested in increasing his or her chance of winning. From upcoming race entries and past performances to an in-depth look at any horse's workout prior to race time, you can gain and edge over the odds. Be sure to visit each of the links below for more information.


If you are visiting Fairmount Park this month, be sure to check out which horses will also be visiting, vying for the purse. View all entry information available and statistics related to each horse set to race.


Couldn't make it to last week's race or want to strengthen your bet this week by reviewing past race performances and results? View the winning results and catch a race replay for all the action.


From last week's races to those from more than 10 years ago, get specific details and commentary for each race. See how each horse finished and the amount they took home to specific comments related to each horse's race and a retelling of the overall race.


The preparation leading up to the big race is key. See how your favorite is warming up to win. View the horse's workouts, how they performed on the track and to view notes.

Jockey & Trainer Standings

The key to winning big at Fairmount Park is to not only pick your winning horse, but to do your homework on the jockeys and trainers working closely with the horses. See the jockey's that will be at Fairmount Park this month, as well as, their placement standings and winnings. For more information, view the about the horse's trainers and their winning statistics at Fairmount Park.

Horse Standings

A lot of the horses you will see at Fairmount Park have made quite a reputation for themselves. View horse standings for those racing at Fairmount Park this month, including their race placements and total earnings.