Dining Options

No trip to Fairmount Park is complete without visiting one of our fun restaurants and dining, while the horses dash. We offer five distinct dining experiences with our Top of the Turf dining space, Black Stallion Room , First Turn Café , Trackside Pavilion and the Paddock Grill & Picnic Area.

Top of the Turf

Top of the TurfPerched atop the third floor of the club house, the Top of the Turf provides skybox luxury with private television sets, a fantastic view of the action on the track, a lounge and a non-smoking cafe.




Black Stallion Room

Black Stallion RoomLocated on the second floor of the club house, the Black Stallion Room provides a sprawling view of the action as well as a lunch buffet of favorites for larger groups.



First Turn Cafe

First Turn CafeThe First Turn Café offers a casual dining atmosphere with waitress service and is located trackside on the first floor of the club house. With food options ranging from a gourmet pizza party to a roast prime rib dinner, the First Turn Café is ideal for large groups.



Trackside Pavilion

Trackside PavilionThis outdoor trackside pavilion area is located at the heart of the action—right by the track! Perfect for groups of 50 – 100, you and your friends can enjoy a range of buffet options.



Paddock Grill & Picnic Area


This grill and picnic area provides a relaxed outdoor dining space with classic bbq favorites.